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Information for Prospective Monitors

A little bit of actingThe Enjoy English summer school is for children aged 5-11 and takes place in local schools all over the Basque Country for four weeks during the school holidays. The activities include: project work; games; theatre; arts & crafts; sports; songs; rhymes and story-telling. The materials used are specifically designed for each age group and are based on using the language and having a good time. You are provided with a guide book which contains all the activities for the four weeks.

Some sport

The activities for each group are led by a native English-speaking monitor and there is a co-ordinator, usually a local teacher, in each school.

Monitors do not have to speak any Spanish and even if they do this is kept secret from the participants as the whole success of the programme comes from their need to communicate with their monitor in English. The co-ordinators speak English and a part of their role is to help monitors out when Basque, Catalan or Spanish is needed. Their main task is to provide support and help monitors with the day to day running of the programme.


Some music

The children are split into two age groups, 5-7s and 8-11s, with between ten and sixteen children in each group. In a typical school there are 4 groups and, therefore, 4 monitors and 1 co-ordinator. However, this can vary from just 1 to 7 groups.

Your working hours are 9.30 to 2.30 plus afternoon preparation Monday to Friday with weekends free. You will stay with a local family, living as an extra member of the family for the four weeks of the programme. This has proved to be a great success with monitors getting a much deeper insight to our country and culture than from a normal visit. There is usually a member of the family taking part in one of the programmes.


Dates: (Including induction days): 23 June – 23 July 2013
Pay: 645€. We do not pay for travel to and from Spain, but all your accommodation and food costs are covered.

The only prerequisite is that you are a native English speaker or have a near-native level of English. Knowledge of Spanish is not necessary. Ideal candidates will have had experience of working with children.


Approximately 50


Interviews: Dublin 18 - 19 April, Edinburgh 22 - 23 April, Birmingham 25 - 27 April. Please state your preference of interview location on the application form. We will write to everyone by email once the selection for interviews is finished; approx. ten days after the closing date.

Closing date for applications...

Wednesday 10 April


c/ Elkano 51, 3 - 1 - 08004 Barcelona, Spain